So it always tends to be about THE BIG ROCK (not as in Dwayne Johnson – who is actually featured later) of the celebrity engagement rings – but how about the wedding ring it gets paired along with? We have decided to look at the best celebrity wedding rings and how you can replicate the looks with Lance James!


Yes, you cannot hide away (you probably could under it) from the 4-carat Ashoka-cut diamond engagement ring but we actually think the wedding band is more of a show piece! White diamonds make up three pavé rows of this chunky style ring that reflects in all lights from every angle. Some even say that the ring is actually three stacking rings, so Witherspoon can change the look of her pairing whenever she pleases.


Jamie Wolf designed Natalie’s engagement ring as well as the wedding ring and what a stunning shape-to-fit pavé diamond and platinum ring he has created. It compliments the engagement ring and encases (almost hugs) the feature diamond of the engagement ring. What a match made in heaven!


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Can you smell what the rock is cooking? Well, that would be bling!

Not afraid to break the rules Dwayne has opted for a chunky solid Gold band studded with Diamonds. He decided it was, go big or go home when it came to his wedding ring – but it is a little heavy for him (aww) so he is getting two lighter weight rings made, one from dinosaur bone and another from a bull’s horn!


I’m a Celebrity, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! James Haskell former England Rugby Union player, wears two wedding rings (spoilt) but we have to say we just love the black ring design and it highly reminds us of our certain signature brand – Carbon by Lance James (just saying)! The black look, is a perfect alternative to the colours of precious metals – creating a masculine and edgy look that is perfect for the male (or women) who doesn’t tend to wear much jewellery – or unless you are James and wear two rings!

So whatever celebrity look or style you are inspired by, here at Lance James we can help you recreate your vision and if we do not have the design within our catalogue we also offer a bespoke jewellery service, so your ideas can come to life! Get in contact today 01245 523755 or email or browse our website for more inspiration!