When it comes to your wedding rings, nothing will make them that extra bit special, than an engraving, that is personal to you and your partner.  Whether that may be the date of your big day, both your names or a song lyric that simply reminds you of each other.  It’s a true hidden love message.

Engraving has been a timeless practice, since the medievals, with folk having their beloved pieces of jewellery engraved with religious quotes, coats of arms and family crests.  Once poesy rings became popular amongst wedding couples, romantic words would tend to be hand engraved around the outside of the ring, it was not until much later that wedding rings started to be engraved with secret messages inside their band.

Gold poesy ring from 1300, inscribed in Lombardic capitals “Well for him who knows whom he can trust.”
Photo credit: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Nowadays, with the advances in technology, items can be personalised with handwriting, graphics or even fingerprints.  Engraving machines with pencil-sized laser beams can achieve very fine details, so really the options are endless (you just have to bear the rings’ scale in mind).

Will I feel a ring engraving on my finger?

You should not be able to feel any part of the engraving on your finger – yes rough edges can occur when the engraving is taking place, but all rings are finished with a deep polish that will blast out and remove any sharp parts, leaving your ring feeling smooth and comfortable.

It will become part of the ring (just like the hallmark) and you will only know it’s there when you take your ring off, to read it.

Will having my ring engraved delay things?

Ring engraving happens right at the end of the manufacturing process.  If you do have an inscription in mind when ordering your rings, let your jeweller know, as this will mean, you receiving a completed ring and no need to return it for engraving.  It will more than likely only add a week (if that) onto your rings’ completion date.

If you already have a ring made, engraving can still be completed!  Goldsmiths will be able to quote you a timescale once they have assessed the work required and your wedding date will always be taken into consideration!

Getting the right message

You may be sitting and debating what to have engraved, but honestly, anything goes!  As long, as it means something to you both and makes you smile – then go for it!  Just maybe hold back on having a paragraph engraved (we tend to recommend a max of 30 characters).

If you do require some inspiration, here is a list of traditional, romantic and funny engraving ideas:

 Both your initials
 Your nicknames
 Important dates
 the date you meet
 the date you got engraved
 the date you will get married

♡ I love you
♡ Always
♡ Love you, always
♡ Forever
♡ Happily, ever after
♡ Love you to the moon and back

Is there a special song, that reminds you of each other?  You could have the lyrics running across both rings, for example

Ring one: I have loved you for a thousand years
Ring two: I’ll love you for a thousand more

Ring one: Come fly with me
Ring two: Let’s fly, let’s fly away

Ring one: God only knows
Ring two: What I’d be without you

Ring one: I can show you the world
Ring two: Shining, shimmering splendid

You could always go a bit jokey; we personally think its nice to have a bit of character added to the ring!

♡ You are mine now
♡ Put me back on
♡ Do not remove
♡ Property of (your name)
♡ I am incredibly lucky!

If you are clever, you can even coordinate both rings and have an engraving that runs across the two rings, completing the set.

Ring one: Always
Ring two: and Forever

Ring one: To have
Ring two: To hold

Ring one: All you need
Ring two: Is Love

Ring one: I love you
Ring two: I love you more

Ring one: To infinity
Ring two: and beyond

You can even get creative with emojis (we recommend outlined symbols), fingerprints or star coordinates.

The only top tip we would give is, to make sure to proofread and check the wording you send to your jewellers twice if not three times, as we can all make mistakes & typos – the engraving can be amended but this would cost more time and extra money – who wants to go through that?!