Sapphire is known as, the gemstone of harmony, friendship and loyalty.  It is part of the corundum family, and the word “sapphire” comes from the Persian “Saffir”, or the Greek “Sapphiros” either meaning “precious” or “dear”.

It is the hardest gemstone after diamond and is extremely hardwearing – making it the perfect choice for something you plan to wear every day.

With it’s rich hues of blue, people instantly know a sapphire when they see one.  But that is not the only colour available, known as “fancy sapphires” you will find many colours including pink, yellow, purple, colourless, black, green and even a rare pinkish, orange!

Fancy sapphires are generally less available than blue ones, and some colours are scarce, especially in very small or very large sizes. Still, fancy sapphires create a fantastic option for people who like the romance associated with this gem, but who also want something out of the ordinary.

Both blue and fancy sapphires come from a variety of exotic sources including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Australia.

In recent years, a different sapphire has come into the limelight: a gift between husband and wife–that featured in the engagement ring of Princess Diana, given to her by Prince Charles in 1981, and then given by their son Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2010.  The oval blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring has been a traditional choice for engagement rings since Victorian times, due to its durability in combination with its association with harmonious love, and will most certainly continue to be a classic alternative to the diamond engagement ring in the future.