Here at Lance James the Jewellers Chelmsford, we get lots of questions like ‘How do I get more diamond for my budget?’ and ‘Do I get more diamond for the money if I choose a trilogy ring?’. Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases of your life, so we want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your bucks. Let’s talk about the trilogy enagement ring.

The internet is full of information about diamonds and yes, you can play around with diamond quality, drop a couple of colour grades, vary the clarity and reduce the carat weight. You could even change the shape of the diamond. But it’s a complicated business.

You may not want to make any compromises and ideally you want your beloved to have the biggest rock you can afford, right?

Well, there is another way that you can make a real impact when you drop down on one knee…. the Trilogy.


Yes, we all know that for many years, the diamond Solitaire has reigned supreme in the engagement ring market. The only evolution being the halo which essentially is still a solitaire, just in a fancy diamond set mount.

A Trilogy is simply a three-stone engagement ring – with either diamonds or coloured gemstones. Symbolic of your Past, Present and Future lives together, this ring is starting to make a comeback because you can still save £s without dropping diamond quality or weight.

Suppose you want to purchase a carat diamond. A one carat diamond is much than smaller stones and therefore it is more expensive per carat. Smaller diamonds are less expensive per carat because there are more available.

Split the diamond weight between three smaller stones and you could save up to 50%. Yes, even for the same quality diamonds!

And the ring is just as eye-catching!

A one carat Solitaire will measure 6.4mm across.

A one carat Trilogy will measure 13mm across all three stones (when made up of one 50pt and two 25pts).

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 01245 500499 and speak with one of our professional goldsmiths and gemologists to find out more. You can view our Trilogy rings here.