Which finger is the wedding ring finger?

Make sure you measure the right finger!

Your fingers will all measure differently, even from left to right hands.   In the UK, your wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, the finger next to the pinky!

The ring finger is the same for both men and women.


RING SIZE CONVERSION CHART FINGER SIZING TOOL     Cut out the tape measure and cut a slit in the top so you can push the pointed end through.   You should be able to slip the measure over your knuckle.    Mark the tape where it passes through the slit.  Convert the numbers on the tape measure into the English letter sizes using the ring diagram below. RING SIZING TOOL     Size an existing ring that fits your finger by using the circles below.    Line up the edge of the circle with the inside of the ring.    You shouldn’t see any white gaps. OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL RNIG SIZE CONVERSION CHART
thumbnail version of ring sizing tool

How do I accurately measure my finger size at home?

Ideally the ring should slip easily onto your finger but needs a wiggle to get it off.  You don’t want it to come off too easily as your finger size will vary according to conditions, eg. body temperate.  Your finger measurement will even vary during the course of the day so measure it at different times of the day.   

Can I use a paper tape measure to find my ring size?

There are many websites that recommend printing off a paper measuring tape, but they should only be used as an initial guide.  Rings are solid and they don’t flex like a tape measure.  A tape measure will give you a fair starting point, as to what ring size you should order, but we highly recommend that you do request a complimentary sizing kit – as you may be surprised how different your size will be, once you place a solid ring on your finger!  

Where can I get my finger measured?

You can go to a local jewellers and ask to be sized but not all jewellers size in the same way (leading edge / to centre).  Not only that, there are also different ring size charts and scales depending on where you are in the world.

Lance James Sizing Service

  • Firstly, print off the tape measure guide to work out an approximate size. (Make sure you print at 100%).
  • Place your order with this size and request our FREE SIZING KIT (at checkout in the message box).
  • We will send you a set of 5 metal sample rings based on the size you
  • Take your time and try all the rings on, in the comfort of your home.
  • And if none of the sizes fit, don’t worry we’ll send you another set of sample rings for just the price of the postage. 

It is worth the time and effort getting an accurate measurement?

Yes!  You don’t want to have a ring made for you, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t fit.  After all, how often do you buy a wedding ring?!