“if you are planning a wedding (or know someone who is) … please read on”

It’s no coincidence that during the summer months, we seem to get lots of enquiries for Gents wedding rings; and strangely, they all seem to need them yesterday!

Come on Guys – you booked your venue months ago and I’m sure one of the first things your bride did, was start looking for her wedding dress.

We get it – maybe the Groom’s ring got pushed down the wedding priority list.  Or perhaps the thought of shopping for a ring is just too daunting.  But, remember, you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you love it!

Selling a wedding ring is not like selling a suit

Long gone are the days when Grooms could only choose what width of yellow gold wedding band they would wear.  Wedding ring design has come on leaps and bounds with hundreds of stunning styles now available.

Plus you can choose between many different materials including contemporary alternatives to the traditional precious metals like carbon fibre or titanium.

Fingers come in all shapes and sizes

We sell rings from size I to size Z+12 and that’s not including all the half sizes in between.  We can’t stock every design in every size so this is why 99% of all our wedding rings are handmade

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!  And that takes time.

How long does it take??

Sure, we can get you a ring quickly but it’s going to drastically limit your choice.

We want you to have the perfect ring, not the one that is quickest to make.

Manufacturing delivery times are usually 4-6

weeks – but the clock only starts ticking once you have ordered, so do give yourself plenty of time to make your decision because there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

Remember your wedding rings will be the only constant memento of your big day long after the wedding dress is boxed up, the photos stored away and the honeymoon tan has faded.