It’s an exciting time – you have just got married and you are happily showing off your ring to family and friends when you notice small marks on your brand new ring. 

Firstly, please be assured that this is totally normal.  All precious metals pick up small marks and scratches as part of everyday wear.  Scratching is not a reflection on the quality of the metal.

As soon as any precious metal comes into contact with any hard surface, marks will appear.  Keys, door handles, shopping trolleys and even abrasive surfaces like sand can cause this to happen.  It’s not only manual jobs that will cause scratching, just everyday life. 

It’s not just limited to polished surfaces as all finishes are affected, just in slightly different ways.  A ring with a matt appearance will show scratches because this finish is actually made up of lots of minute scratches in the same direction; when you mark the ring, the pattern is disrupted and it stands out more.

Unfortunately, a wedding is an occasion which naturally involves lots of clapping and shaking hands which will all take its toll when rings clash with other rings.  It’s just that the effect is more obvious with a brand new ring which is why you notice it after your wedding day.

When ordering wedding rings, some customers may decide to plump for Platinum as it is the most hard-wearing of all the precious metals.  That’s true but remember that no metal is indestructible.  With time, rings will accumulate a natural patina which is unique to you and your lifestyle. 

You can ask your local jeweller to refinish your ring; a professional clean and polish will soon have it sparkling new again.  But with time, you will grow to love the new lived-in look!