About Carbon Fibre


Carbon Fibre is the new face of jewellery and is more than just a phase. The high-quality designs available at Lance James are a fantastic choice for the modern gentlemen who want to stray away from tradition.


Carbon Fibre is also known as Graphite Fibre or Carbon Graphite. These modern rings are tough-wearing and extremely practical for working hands. Carbon Fibre makes our wedding rings much more comfortable and provides added durability for everyday wear. It is made with extremely thin fibres, thinner than the human hair, measuring approx 0.0005-0.010mm in diameter and composed of mainly carbon atoms. The strength to weight ratio can be up to five times stronger than steel, but weighs only one third of the weight of steel.

Can I have a black wedding ring? 

We are in love with the new carbon fibre look and many Grooms (and even some Brides) are keen to make a bold statement for their wedding. 

It can be combined with precious or alternative metals, or it can stand on its own.  It is incredibly durable and lightweight so very comfortable to wear.  The fine carbon filament is combined using different techniques to give it its unique matt appearance.

We have our own striking Lance James Carbon designs available as well a great selection created by our Swiss Wedding Ring Designer – Furrer Jacot, so the choices really are endless!


Benefits of choosing a Carbon Fibre ring:

  • High strength 
  • Lightweight 
  • Difficult to bend 
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable 
  • Smooth and comfortable 
  • Modern & stylish 
  • Black Colour

Interesting Carbon Fibre facts:

  • The word carbon comes from the Latin word carbo, meaning coal.
  • Carbon was discovered by early human civilizations in the form of charcoal and soot.
  • Carbon is the 4th most common element in the Universe.
  • A strand of Carbon Fibre is smaller than a human hair, measuring just 0.005mm to 0.010mm in width. 
  • It is widely used by manufacturers of sports equipment for Golf, Cycling and Formula One.

Please remember: All Carbon Fibre rings are handmade to order and can take 4-6 weeks delivery depending on brand.

Due to the restraints of this material, we cannot size Carbon Fibre items and therefore they are non-returnable.  Please use our Free Sizing Service so that you can be 100% confident you have ordered the correct size.